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Personal Protection Guidance for Street Runner Pilot

The following guidance has been developed from Government and Public Health England advice on Coronavirus.

Delivering to people in isolation

  • Driver has no symptoms such as a cough or high temperature.
  • Driver is not pregnant.
  • Driver does not have any long-term health conditions or is vunrable to Coronavirus.

Drivers will leave delivery at an agreed place accessible by the customer. Drivers will ask for PIN confirmation, there is no need to take customer signature.

Delivery pick up

  • Pickup areas where possible using clearly marked signs.

Personal Protection

  • Drivers wear latex gloves.
  • Minimise touching of bags and boxes.

During delivery

  • Driver will knock/ ring on door and remain at least two metres from the doorway.

Guide for delivering to multi floored apartment or tower blocks

Where ever possible it is better to exchange at the main entrance and avoid entering unless necessary. If the person is unable to come to the main entrance the following guidance should be headed:

  • Avoid touching any handles, banisters or lift buttons.
  • Always take the stairs where possible.
  • When using stairs, keep 2m away from others on the stairs and wait for them to pass on landings where there is more opportunity to maintain distance.
  • If you take the lift, use a key or other implement to press the call and floor buttons.
  • Never get in the lift with someone you are not already in close contact with, even if the person is your delivery buddy.
  • Avoid placing goods on the floor of the lift (High footfall makes it a hotspot)
  • Knock on the door and leave food bag by the door. Remain at least two metres from the door.

Driver to carry

  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Masks
  • Disposable gloves
  • Hand sanitiser

Cleaning and disinfection

  • Delivery person will clean down bike at end of day.
  • Delivery person will wash clothes before using again.
  • Driver person will dispose all PPE safely.